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Explore, Learn, and Connect with EKC Construction Technology Webinars



Welcome to the EKC Construction Technology Webinars, a monthly series hosted on LinkedIn by Erin Khan!

Join me as I bring together technology providers and industry speakers to delve into compelling topics relevant to the construction and broader AEC community.
Our engaging discussions aim to raise awareness and provide valuable insights into new technologies, products, and services that might be undiscovered within the industry.
 What does it take to participate?

What does it take to participate?

Connect with me to finalize a date and time for our webinar. All you need is the capability to join a Zoom call—no costs involved! Here’s what happens next:
1. During our initial meeting, we’ll coordinate the webinar date, topic, and guest speakers.
2. After the initial meeting, I’ll coordinate a meet and greet with all speakers to facilitate introductions.
3. Speak at the event!

Interested In Participating?

Benefits of Joining EKC Webinars

Marketing Visibility

The LinkedIn Live broadcast extends to a diverse audience, primarily comprising construction and AEC tech professionals. By participating, you tap into an extensive network, gaining exposure to potential clients, collaborators, and industry enthusiasts.

Raising Awareness

EKC Construction Technology Webinars focus on uncovering new technologies, products, and services. Your participation provides a platform to share your insights, raising awareness about innovative solutions and practices within the industry.

Networking Opportunities

The webinar series facilitates networking by bringing together technology providers, industry speakers, and professionals from the construction and AEC community. Participating in meet-and-greet sessions offers valuable opportunities to establish connections, fostering collaboration and potential partnerships.

Video Recording

The webinar discussions are recorded on LinkedIn Live, allowing you to access and share the content beyond the live session. Additionally, participants can receive a copy of the recording, providing a valuable resource for future reference or promotional purposes. View past webinars at the links below.